Sep 29, 2012

Things got crazy!

Charlee went to the dentist Dr. Khan
I was nervous that she might not want anything to do with him, but she did really well and let the nice lady clean her teeth and then let the Dr. count them.  Then he put some vitamins on them to make them strong. She has 20 pearly whites! The office has toys everywhere so I recommend it to anyone looking to take their toddler.  I told Charlee that he might tell her she needs to get rid of her passy (actually I was being lazy and going to blame it on the dentist for making her get rid of it) And talk about your ultimate backfires... he asked if I had any concerns and I told him she had a passy still.  He acted like it wasn't a big deal, she has plenty of space between her teeth that it wouldn't be an issue.
Now what am I supposed to do? Lord knows I'm not going to make her get rid of it, not with all these prego hormones going on, I'm already going to rock her little perfect world in October... she can keep the passy forever!
Ill revisit that later.

 The rest of this post are pictures from my Iphone because I'm so nervous I'm going to loose them or something is going to happen to the computer so I'm putting them on the blog. Its comforting in some way so just let me have that.
28 weeks... and I'm so huge, good night!
 25 Weeks.. not feeling that huge, but obviously I am already. We are viable now...
 oh man I love her.
 Oh man I love them. And I love instagram...
 wow... 2 dorks. Charlee is officially a fish now. She loves swimming underwater with her goggles and shes pretty darn good if you ask me.  The only issue I have is she wont stop to catch her breath and I end up begging her to take a break because its not even enjoyable to watch her I get so worried. I'm going to blame it on being pregnant... Gavin doesn't seem to let it bother him, but then again... look at them.
 I remember this photo-op being a tad difficult. See if Charlee is into the picture it works, but if she is in a mood where she wont smile... it takes 15 minutes to just get a decent picture.
As you can probably tell she is a total princess diva! She loves for us to take videos of her so she can watch them over and over and she will just look at herself and smile.  If Gavin were a girl...
 She also loves dressing up in her princess outfits. Keeks did her hair and make up this random day... and she was in heaven.  She even went to El Mason in this exact outfit because there was no changing it... and that was a battle we didn't even mess with.
 Not sure how many weeks... one bad thing about Instagram.. I cant get a date from the pics (maybe someone knows something I don't) I might be able to piece it together when I get them all printed.
 No words...
 Batman!! Probably the last time I'm going to a midnight showing... scary
 29 Weeks... looks like I was working out... yeah right! don't be fooled, it was an elastic waist band.

 30 Weeks

Hopefully I will eventually get back into a rhythm and start being consistent with the blogs for my own peace of mind.  I love having them, its just making time to bust them out.  On to more craziness until this bambino wants to make its arrival.

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