Oct 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Poppy

Poppy's Birthday Surprise
We all planned a surprise for dad's birthday this year.  Chad, Jen and the girls were going to come up from Nashville for dads birthday.  So Charlee and I met them the night before at Shannon and Curts to cook and have a little get together before the party on Saturday.
All the wee ones made a stepping stone for dad because he is very into his yard and gardening and it was something other than golf balls, Mikes car wash coupons, or a McAlisters Deli gift card.  All the kids loved them, and they turned out so good, I will definitely be doing this again in the future.

 The shocking entrance...
Mary told dad to drive around because his "gift" was being installed.  He quite possibly could have been disappointed that all of us together for his birthday wasn't a Big Screen T.V. he was picturing.  Sorry dad, just us!
 Jen... you get some mad props for this project.  It turned out great.
 Crazy girls in their matching outfits from Tia.

Uncle Curt did this for at least an hour as the girls chanted various cheers... and Bricyn dozed off for about 5 minutes.

Good thing Dad has a swimming pool... I mean a pond! They didn't seem to mind the fish swimming around while they "swam".


Oh we did ask the Psychics aka... Taco and Jacks what the baby was and they both separately said a boy.  I think the run down so far is:
Tia- girl
Jen- girl
Mae Mae- is with me (not saying one or the other)
Charlee- changes her mind daily (kinda like me too)
 Not only will this delivery have a Styrofoam cup with weight guesses.. it will have a new column for gender... that should make things interesting.  Cant wait.

 I love that Bricee and Charlee were staying in the pond for the photo. 
Happy Birthday Dad, we love you.

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