Oct 25, 2012

Charlee turns Three

Charlee Turns Three
This year Charlee wanted a pincess party and I knew it was coming because lately she has been obsessed with dressing up and playing with all her princess'. She helped pick out her invites this year too, she couldnt choose just one princess so it was all of them.  Cinderellas wedding dress is the dress she wanted to wear to her party.

Grandpa Walt and Grandma Pam were in town for her party!
King Grandpa Jack

Princess Madison came to her party too.
Mother Gothel and Ariel came too.  Charlee was so excited they dressed up.

Rapunzel Morgie came to play.
Flora, Fawna, and Meriweather came to grant her three wishes.
Daddy had a killer Eugine outfit complete with a satchel

Glass slippers
 The nightgowns were a big hit.
 Time to blow out the candles.
 Her castle cake
 All the kidos just dug into the cake... and it was so yummie.

 Two pregos.
 Princess Tent from Tia

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