Nov 13, 2012

Cell Phone Dump

 These Pics are from our IPhone's. Gavin downloaded all of the pics and videos to our computer. Then he tells me that we should get a hard drive... just in case.  So now I'm consumed with what will happen if our computer just dies.  I have some comfort in knowing that most pictures are on shutterfly, and now there is an app for shutterfly that downloads all pics that you take with your phone... pretty sweet.
Charlee playing on her "playground" "swing set" "tree house" (she calls it all of them) and she is definitely in her panties. Oh well, she lives in very little clothes. And check out the sun, it was so pretty. 
31 weeks! Time is flying by still.  I'm shocked... Charlee has panties on. We probably had to put those on for the pic.
Poppys Pond/ Swimming Pool
32 weeks and feeling more large and still cant breathe or sleep at this point. I'm kinda uncomfortable and exhausted. I cant act like I didn't know what I was signing up for...
Gavin sent me this picture when I was on my way home from work one morning.  He had just dropped her off at Lala's. Lala had these waiting for her.  They were the Wizard of Oz toys she had when Gavin was little. Charlee obviously was obsessed with them because she is obsessed with the movie and is going as Dorothy for Halloween this year.  Shes already been on the hunt for ruby red slippers.
1st visit to Anderson Orchard this year.  It still was very warm, but we wanted a slushy. And sis got to play on the playground.
She is my favorite girl. She is so happy to be playing you can just tell by her face.

Look what we found at the Kids Go Round store for 3$!!! Score! Its a little short, but it will do just fine for my little Dorothy Gayle.
Charlee and Daddy sleeping. Daddy is faking it, but it still was cute.
Charlee went shopping with us. She needed a cookie to fuel her for the rest of the trip. Go Blue.
This was the day Mannie left for college.  We miss her everyday.  I'm kinda jealous that she gets to start 4 years of greatness down in Bloomington.  Its pretty much the best town/school ever.  Cant wait to hear all about her college life. Go Hoosiers.
Mannie is an Art History Major, but taking all her classes for Pre-Med. She is going to be an eye surgeon.  I don't have to brag on her, but she is pretty much the smartest person eva! Love you Mannie.
Love to Keekah too.
This Pic is blurry, but it was all the monkeys in the tree at Lala's house.
I'm not sure when or where this was (Gav's phone). It was totally a Charlee pose picture so it made the blog.

HaHa ... fat girl in a little chair. I was reading to Charlee and apparently Gavin thought it was funny. I'd like to see him (not prego) sit in Charlee's chair.
36 Weeks.  We were getting ready to go visit our new baby Grierson Hazel at the hospital.  We were just waiting on daddy to get home.  And at this point, Keekah had to take over the role of Picture-taker because our regular lady (Mannie) was at college. She is happy to fill in especially because Daddy is the worst at taking pictures. He doesn't care if anyone is looking or smiling or ready for the picture, he just takes it and too bad if you don't like it.  He doesn't get it.  My pictures are important to me and daddy-o doesn't participate in taking them, hes just in them. One day Gavin you will thank me and God forbid if I die, you WILL take over with my crazy picture taking. 
 Side note... Charlee's bowels are working well. She "has turds" all day, everyday!! She also is naked often and on this particular evening... she sang a song for us that had us laughing so hard only to find my stupid IPhone 4 didn't have enough storage for the video, but didn't tell me that until we tried to play it.  perfect.

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