Nov 29, 2012

Charlee's Three Year Pictures & Maternity Pictures

I'm so thankful for Kimberly Reid. We have used her for over three years now and I couldn't be more pleased with her.  I was in search of a photographer to take my maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Charlee and the person I contacted about pictures gave me Kimberly's information.  She has done a great job and has given us so many memories.  I'm so thankful shes our photographer.
Thank You Kimberly Reid!!
Charlee's 3 year old pictures and my maternity pictures were combined into an awesome photo shoot.  We had a rain delay, but got a great day in its place.  These were at Anderson Orchard.  Charlee had been prepped for these for a few weeks, because we didn't do so well at our two year pictures.  She wasn't very cooperative a year ago, but with all the talk about getting her picture taken this time she rocked it.  She was posing and doing whatever Kimberly asked her... and more.  She was kinda upset when we mixed in some momma shots while she and daddy were having a wardrobe change.  Lip gloss is her new obsession and has taken the place of nummies (M&M's). She was hot stuff with her gloss on.
One of my favorites.

This makes me smile. I obviously think she is so stinkin cute.
I fell victim again to Janie and Jack.  I really cant help it, I have no control of myself and always get an outfit or two for pictures.  Its really not my fault ... she looks so cute!!
Oh baby you are very high still... I am reminded constantly, like when I try to breathe.

Another Janie & Jack dress.
Its pretty difficult to walk when your preggo normally, or on uneven ground, then add some super high wedges... yikes! I about twisted my ankle 3 or 4 times.  All so I didn't look like a midget little person next to my husband. 

This is another favorite of mine.  This was a slip from Hannah Anderson - another store that is awesome and that my husband should keep me from entering.  I got it because she does complain sometimes that dresses are itchy, but it looked super cute on all by itself. Screams summer.

I did love the telephone prop, and it kept Charlee's attention for a while until she broke it.  She can be a She-hulk sometimes. Her daddy gave her that nickname because she is freakishly strong.
We have plenty of these shots because she kept blowing raspberries on her baby. 
Shes my sweet girl.  Side note... I'm sad these lace shorts wont fit, because I kinda want to wear them not preggers.

I'm in love with this picture.  I saw it online and sent it to Kimberly because I was obsessed.  It couldn't have turned out better.  Charlee went along with the pose thankfully, because about 2 min later she was over it and sitting in the car eating some fruit snacks as I was begging her to do the last picture.

And we now know that the bundle was a little baby boy... so this is the pic that we can use!! There was another one with little red shoes for a girl.
This is the pic Charlee wouldn't participate in. I wanted her to have MILK on her belly. Pick your battles I guess. It was a long session for a 3 year old I suppose.  She did awesome so I cant complain.

Thanks again to Kimberly Reid.  She is phenomenal, so If you don't have a photographer... you should contact her. Thank the lord we found her.

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