Nov 29, 2012

Baby Grierson

Baby Grierson arrived September 18th.  We waited until daddy got home from work to go visit the new addition to the family.  We picked up Lala on our way up north.  She came very fast, I got a text around 5:30 am while I was at work that they were on their way to the hospital.  She was having some serious contractions.  She was born around 10:00 I do believe.  So exciting, and nerve wracking for me.  4 more weeks and we should be doing the same thing.  They also didn't know what they were having so they were more than thrilled to have a little baby girl.  Gaeton is super excited to have a baby sister.
Lala is kind of a baby whisperer, she is awesome like that. 
 Charlee patiently waiting to meet her new baby cousin.
My girl was so good with her.  She wanted to hold her all by herself (without daddy's hands touching her) like a big girl.  This was a nice transition from aunt Jenny having a baby in her belly to holding the baby now that "the Dr. got the baby out" She is putting it all together.  Her little mind is just cranking away.

Big Brother Gaeton and Daddy. (Uncle Gaston)
37 weeks. 
Nerds watching Avengers 3D in bed.  So excited. 

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