Dec 11, 2012

Preggers with baby #2

My Pregnancy Album

I waited until I could see the bean to start photographs.  I do remember thinking that it would be just fine to wait because I hadn't felt so great and didn't look presentable for a photo hardly ever.  This was taken right after the Dr. apt so I was already dressed.  I never got sick this time, but was way more nauseous all day long and had awful headaches that I didn't have with Charlee. 

 This is pretty much what we lived in.  Poor Charlee watched a lot of Disney movies.  We were excited about our Hoosiers!! March madness was coming up.
13 weeks in the sand.  This photo didn't turn out that great.  I think the photographer had the flash on outside. That's okay because we don't need to see it in detail. I do remember feeling so bloated and at the stage you cant suck it in anymore. 
 Hard to see in this photo but Charlee is showing a 1 and 4 for 14 weeks.  Your so tired in the beginning, and with a toddler and working nights... I was super tired.  But that's okay we are now through the first trimester and getting more energy... kinda.

16 weeks I felt you moving in there.  It was at 15 weeks with Charlee so I was waiting for that little flutter to happen.  Such an awesome feeling.  This also was our last day at the house before moving in with mom and Greg while we rented our house.
Wow this is a beaut!! Seriously we are a hot mess and I'm sure this is the scenario here: I'm 17 weeks and 6 days so I had to take a pic before tomorrow came.  Charlee was super excited to have to pose as well.  Haha.. oh this is horrible.
I filled in for my aunt Karol in her golf league.  I made Zach take this pic.  We still had fun even though I usually am much better when I can drink some beers.  I could still clear the belly with my swing so we still kicked some booty... actually we probably lost. We certainly enjoyed ourselves either way.

Charlee probably refused to be in this one.  Ya know, shes 3 so that's how she rolls. I think we have found a new photographer - Manny! Shes way nicer than the previous photographer, and she will tell you if its blurry or your eyes were closed and I'm sure she would have never let week 17 happen on her watch.

 20 weeks... half way.  We are going to all the graduation parties. 
And here is our happy healthy baby...
Clearly has daddy's lips.
This appointment was so exciting, we got to see our baby again and it felt like forever because with Charlee I would go down to L&D to peek at my little girl.  This time we didn't want to find out so peeking was out of the question. Every night at work my willpower was tested.
 We are going to Mannys graduation.  I have to say I felt the best here.  I still could breathe and felt "cute" for the first time.
22 Weeks at Lala's pool.  Baring the belly... no one was there but me, daddy, and Charlee.  Lala would tell me all about how they never dreamed of showing their bellies while pregnant... "we just had tents to wear" Love her. 

23 Weeks at Mom's pool. I remember Gavin taking this one telling me that my belly was already so big.  And yes, Charlee is swimming naked. Don't mind her.

24 Weeks we are viable people!! I am starting to feel giant already.  This is going to be a long 16 weeks. 

25 weeks

26 Weeks and Charlee wanted to pose this time and not look at the camera or hold the sign.  This was the best out of many takes.
27 weeks at Lala's again and needed to get a pic in before I turned 28 weeks. 
28 Weeks

29 Weeks. Princess Ariel joined us for this one. I started walking again after going to PT for my left hip... not sure what happened, but it was awful and my Physical Therapist said it was out of line and after 6 sessions it was totally fixed and back in line.  I probably did it walking or something equally as dumb. 
30 Weeks. This was just after Poppy's birthday because Charlee wouldn't take off the outfit that Tia got her for a good week. And my belly looks kinda weird here, but it must be my shirt not being totally flat to the bump.  I'm struggling to breathe every second of the day. Laying down isn't better.  The couch that reclined was perfect, but not too reclined because then baby wanted to obstruct my aorta and that's not compatible with life... oh the joys!
31 Weeks.  Yep, we had to put panties on Miss C for the picture.  
32 Weeks.  She just wanted to act like she was holding the sign.  There were always rules when we had photos.  She wanted to be in control of EVERYTHING. I love my little tink.
Favorite pair of maternity jean shorts.
33 -34 Weeks. I'm not sure exactly. Somehow, the only pose from this side. Kimberly Reid did our maternity pics and she did an amazing job. 
35 Weeks. This is at Charlee's birthday party.  We joked that Jenny would go into labor today.  She was okay with that. She went another 10 days. I was off work for some preterm labor.  I woke up after working with contractions a few times and the 3rd time I went into the office and was having too many in an hour (6or7) So Dr. G wanted me to take a week off work until we got to 36 weeks.  It might have been a combination of no sleep and dehydration? Not sure, but with some rest they went away.  Shannon was sure I was going to go into labor the next day.
36 Weeks.  Went back to work and did a few 8 hrs (so not worth it) and then went back to 12's.  I was starting to get tired again and working was just annoying.  Thankfully we get to wear scrubs.  Heartburn was in full force.  It didn't matter what I ate... Tums were my best friend and I went through 3 big containers. The smoothie berry flavor is awesome though.  I did get up at night a few times just to cry sit on the couch for some relief.  And bring on the swelling.  I wore my hose up until 38 weeks and my ankles were so swollen when I would get done working.  I wish I would have taken a pic of them. This was the day Grierson was born.

37 Weeks.  Dilated to 2cm and 50% effaced.  Contractions are in the evenings, and one night I did almost wake Gavin up after 2 hrs of consistent contractions... but they slowed and went away. I was having anxiety because I had nothing packed.  It was packed the next day.
 38 Weeks.  I was dilated 2.5cm still 50% effaced and baby did drop because I could breathe a little better now.  Dr. G said she was going to strip my membranes at 39 week apt and if that didn't work she was going to induce that following weekend which was 2 days later. I was good with that. So we started planning child care for Miss Buckets and had bags packed. Mimi made a little sister and little brother onesie to take and I remember thinking my baby bag was kinda empty because it had two gender neutral outfits and that's it.  Kathy was on duty to bring either the girl pile of clothes or the boy pile.  Starting to freak out that we didn't find out at this point, we kinda aren't prepared.
39 weeks on the dot.  I took Charlee with me to the Dr.  I was nervous about the stripping of the membranes... googled how promising this was going to be, and it was a 50/50 chance, but most people I talked to said it worked for them.  Well, the nurse took my BP probably 3 times because she kept getting really high numbers.  164/110... She was like "What have you been doing today" and the joke is I showered. Haha... Nothing.  Dr. G came in and pretty much told me we are going in tonight.  She still stripped my membranes, but BP couldn't stay that high.  I'm usually 110/90 while prego.
 I promised Charlee we would go to the park when daddy got home so I could walk and help the stripping work, but Dr. G didn't want me to do anything but go finish packing and rest until 7:00pm when I needed to check in to IU North.  BUT, when you mix a hormonal pregnant momma with the thought of letting her 3 year old down on the last day she is going to be an only child... yeah, we were going to the park.  She is getting ready to have her world rocked with this new addition so I promised Gavin I would just sit and watch them play.  So I sat and watched and started freaking out more and more about leaving Charlee for three nights and how she was going to handle everything.  Normal I suppose.

Our last park date as a family of three!!
So it being a Thursday, Gavin had to get stuff ready for a sub on Friday and Monday. Mom took Friday off and both my younger sisters were prepared. Manny wasn't happy, she had a test she had to go to Friday, but she came right after. Shannon had a field trip she couldn't miss and was going to come Sat. Everyone else was going to get text/phone call updates. So we were off to the hospital to have a baby.

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