Oct 1, 2012

Charlee's 1st Hair Cut

Charlee got her 1st hair cut before we had our pictures taken.  I really didn't think it was necessary, but getting a little trim should help it grow in better and I guess it was a little uneven.  Still it was her hair she had when she was born because she didn't loose any.  Its a totally different color... is it bad if I color her hair? Just kidding.
Jill did an awesome job and despite the first pictures, Charlee ended up loving her hair.  We saved the trimmings and have them in an envelope along with her certificate.  She just keeps filling up pages in her baby book and that makes me miss each and every day since she has been born. 
 Charlee was sad because she had in her head that she was going to "look like a boy" if she cut her 'Punzel hair.  We tried to tell her it was just a teeny tiny bit that she was going to cut to help it grow super long and beautiful like 'Punzel.  She was kinda confused and seriously she thinks I'm torturing her in this picture. Its so pitiful.

 How fast things change when we said Jill was all done and now she was going to curl it and put sparkles in it.  She was truly relieved when she looked in the mirror and she didn't have a hair cut like a boy.
 I think it was maybe an inch off the back to even it up and a trim all over.  It looks much better, I probably should have done it a while ago, but I just couldn't.

 Keekah went with us.  She was the photographer while I managed my nervous girl.
 Sorry for the sick pic of me, but Charlee was too cute to not put up.

Thanks Jill, Charlee loves her new hair cut. Now she is ready for her Three-Year Old pictures.

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