Mar 19, 2013

Henry's Newborn Pics

This was the first time I had to get everyone "ready" and be somewhere at a certain time. Yeah, we were 20 min late I think. Kimberly acted like it was no big deal... reason 65874 why we love her. I came with several options for Henry, but Kimberly had it covered with hats, blankets, and wraps galore.  I can only imagine what newborn girl shoots are like with all the headbands and tu-tus. I will admit that its just nice and simple with boys (so far).  I'm enjoying it, even if I still randomly announce that I cant believe I have a son.  5 months later I still say it sometimes.
Charlee was awesome during the first 30 min. We knew she would fade, so we got her with her brother right away.  Kimberly brought out her old barbies and sister was in heaven.

 She had a space heater that was nice and cozy, Henry was perfectly content while he was awake.

 He decided he was hungry so a little nursing action during the intermission and scene change knocked him out.  He was plenty milk drunk for the rest of the session.

 OK... my fav pic of us for sure, but I cant help remembering that Henry chose this lovely white blanket to have a lovely breast milk poop on.  I was dying, and apparently most, if not all babies decide to poop during their photo shoot. Kimberly may have been lying to make me feel better, but it lessened my horror because that sauce stains if you don't get it in the wash with some dreft stain remover (a must have) ASAP. So combine my instant freak out, the space heater, and hormones I was one hot momma. We decided to put a diaper on him for the last little superman session. 

Thanks again to Kimberly Reid for these amazing pictures.

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