Mar 19, 2013

First few days

 Henry was a very calm, quiet baby boy.  He only cried when he was hungry.  He was a great sleeper despite having to get used to the loudness in our house because bottom line is his daddy (who might be the loudest person I've ever met) and Charlee weren't quieting down anytime soon. He has adjusted seamlessly to his new home.  Hes very laid back so far and is a great little cuddler bug. I keep calling him Mr. H, little Mr., bubbies, or any combination of those. Charlee calls him bubbers. She is super sweet to him.  She also is adjusting well to the new addition. I was slightly worried, but she is such a big helper and enjoys being a big sister.  Charlee will help me change his diaper, pick out clothes, cover him up, and hold him while he naps. It melts my heart to see her lovin on him.

This picture cracks me up. Charlee was pretending to sleep on me like Henry was.  This idea didn't come to her until Daddy was going to take a picture. And don't worry I'm aware that I'm looking a little tired. That's a theme in any picture that I'm in. So until further notice just assume that I will look like this in all pics, and I'm good with it, because its reality and I'm not going to hide and request to not be in pictures because my baby's will look at these some day and know that they got cuddled and taken good care of 24/7 by their momma who looked tired and worn out. And I get to look back and say "wow, I looked like hell" Haha.

First bath at home
Charlee wanted to help.
Nina helped too.
She washed his hair for him. 
She was so gentle, we didn't even have to remind her.  "Momma, he likes me washing his hair" - so cute!!!
He was so jaundice, but his bili was never high.  I thought it would be for sure because Charlee had to have the glow worm (bili blanket) for 48hrs.  I think it was because my milk came in super fast and he was getting a good amount before we left the hospital. I still agreed with our Pediatrician (Dr. Gill) and got it checked at his wt. check three days after leaving the hospital. It was fine. Wait, back it up... Yes, I did say they wanted a weight check. I thought it was a joke too, but no, he was down to 8lbs when we went home and they wanted to make sure he stopped loosing and started gaining.  Seems silly, but I get it. And he was back to 8lbs 3oz at his check.

He looked so little in his car seat. Oh and Gavin informed me that car seats are only good for 4 years so this was the last year we could have used it anyways.  Score!
This was when we were getting his bili checked. Charlee found his paci. hmm....
I'm sad looking back at these pics because his hair was so dark and long.  This is the only time my children resemble me, because after their baby hair changes to blond they look even more like there dad. Henry short changed me on this.  He lost a good amount of his dark hair which broke my heart. I didn't want to believe it, but his newborn pics compared to his 3 month pics... sadness. I'm just sad I cant do a killer mohawk.

My instagram pics.

Harper and Jax's birthday party.  His first "outing" and I fell in love with the Moby on this day.  He loved it. I recommend it highly for newborns. Every time he was put in it, he instantly went to sleep and didn't wake up until he was hungry.  It was the bomb.

Merida was at the party! Charlee loves her "sister" Harper.  We tried to explain it, and then we just looked at each other and said "yeah, shes your sister" after looking at her disappointed face while we were trying to break down the cousin relation to her. She was so excited to see Harper.  She truly loves playing with kids her age.  She looses her mind when we tell her she gets to see Gaeton, Harper, or Morgie.  She always runs up and wants to squeeze them. I love her for that.

ugh... Mohawk i miss you.
Ha Ha, she was posing and when the flash went off she couldn't help but cracking up because it took about 20 pics to get her to keep her eyes open. Ha Ha. Shes my little ball of energy. Never a dull moment with Charlee Buckets.

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