Feb 26, 2013

Welcome Mr. H

These are a few pictures that we got of family and friends getting to meet Henry for the first time.  Remember, if your not on here its because our camera wasn't working for the second day at the hospital. Annoying that I already feel like second baby syndrome is kicking in and it wasn't even my lack of picture taking.

 And camera is back working...

 Charlee wore this had too. Both babies were born during football season.

 Charlee finally is treating me like normal and will get in bed with me. 
Charlee LOVES Dave.  Dave is always in her family drawings. Mommy, Daddy, Charlee, Henry, and Dave stick people.

Watching 'Punzel with Manny

Uncle Randy and Aunt Donna happened to be in town!

Love the flowers from my Brother and Sister. So pretty.

Lala got him to smile.


Uncle Ted Chad
The first few days were filled with lots of cuddles and after I made mom go on a small shopping spree to get sleepers we were all set.  Thank You family for being so wonderful and helpful during the initial craziness! We love you.

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