May 21, 2013


Carving Pumpkins
This is better than last year... she is actually touching the sick innards of the pumpkin. She didn't like it though, but because everyone else was doing it she figured it was harmless.
She eventually opted for a spoon. I have to shout out to those pumpkin carving kits.. those tools work the best out of anything Ive ever tried. Ill never doubt you again.
This year we made two different batches of pumpkin seeds. One with just sea salt and the other with cinnamon and sugar... yum, they both were delish.
He doesn't look to happy... but seriously Nina I know you only have girls, but I'm sure his nuts don't enjoy that! Nina fail. Poor baby... happy Halloween, I'm going to pose you with this pumpkin poking your business. Haha. I'm sure it wasn't the pumpkin causing his grump face... hes probably hungry. Just ask Gavin, any time he cries... "He's hungry"

Haha.. NO Gavin isn't dressed up for Halloween, he has a league game and had to hurry up and carve his pumpkin. If I remember correctly, he just dug out the grossness and I may or may not have carved his this year. Hmm...gotta make sure these traditions keep going whether he likes it or not.

Must have a full belly.
Happy Halloween
Charlee has been wanting to be Dorthy for at least 6 months because I happened to be at Kids-Go-Round looking for summer toys and they had this old costume for 3$... SCORE!! It probably was a tad bit small length wise, but it worked just fine. We had to keep telling her she had to be careful and keep it clean since she wanted to wear it every day for about 2 months.
Gavin sent me this picture after he dropped her off at Lala's one morning. Lala had found Gavin's old set of "The Wizard of Oz" characters and Charlee was in heaven. She was obsessed. Lala got her Toto for her birthday and Tia got her some ruby red shoes she had been wanting. This obsession went on for a while. The movie was watched daily and she would even act out some scenes if you were lucky. Oh I love her.

She was "in character" from the second she put that dress on. Daddy downloaded "Were off to see the Wizard"(not sure of actual title) on his IPhone so we could listen to it on repeat while we drove to all the grandparents for some trick or treating.

We were going to have Mr. H be Toto, but then I'm sure Charlee would be pissed when she couldn't shove him in her basket so we went with a Super Hero. Just a simple mask and cape because he isn't even a month so costumes aren't really awesome yet.
Yeah, my boy lost all his hair so looking at these pics are crazy because now he is totally blonde. Sigh.... I guess I have to have more kids so maybe one will keep their dark dark hair.

Ringing MiMi and Papaws door.
Batman showed up!

Grierson was Batgirl. Super hero's all around.

Great Grandpa Don
Lala with her kiddos. They both love their Lala.
We had to talk her into taking a picture with the blow-up cat a few houses down from Poppys so we could put it next to every other yearly pic. This year she wanted to stay far away from the cat. This is the best we could do. Haha.

Poppy and MaeMae.
I think we started wearing festive clothes Oct 1st. So cute.
batman, IU, Ariel, Super Henry.

I had my first "foot-paint" craft with Henry.
I'm trying to catch up on my blogs... sorry we are just now to November.

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