Jun 24, 2013

1 Month

Don't mind me, I'm still playing catch up. I refuse to just skip all the good pics so I can be up-to-date instantly. I don't care that I'm 7 months behind (Gavin keeps reminding me). I am getting Henry's "First Year" book started too. Because I WILL dedicate a book just to him.  Charlee will have 3 solo books and then I'm turning them into family albums with narration. I hope if I die Gavin will learn quickly how to pick up where I left off. Ill be pouring on the guilt from above if not.

No problem mom, I got this. She is so proud of herself that she can hold him. She did really well 99% of the time. There was one or two times that Mr. H got some air time when released a little too soon.  He didn't seem to mind, besides furrowing his brow. I'm still not positive it was an accidental misjudgement on how much further she still had before his but was actually touching the carpet. She is only three knows what shes doing. Stinker.
Photo taken by: Charlee Groninger
Dad and Little Man
What? I remember thinking it was the fastest month ever. He is a very good baby so far.

She was jealous of the 1 Month photo shoot that was taking place in the living room.  So I had to get some of her, but it wasn't in a timely fashion so I got some backlash from Buckets.
You know shes dying to smile at me, she wants me to work for it. I'm sure shes smiling under there actually. Oh how I love her.
1 month means daddy gets to actually feed his child.  He gets to practice for when I go back to work.  Gav was a pro at this bottle thing. He just wanted to make sure Mr. H wouldn't throw a wrench in the plans and not take a bottle (like his little cousin Miss G).  Daddy knew he would get his time with all the baby duties and would tell me I can go ahead and do it because hes going to have plenty daddy/baby nights when I go back to work. He tried to use that excuse for diaper changes, outfit changes, paci duty, and baths too. He does have to do a lot when I work nights, and go to work the next day. Most guys wouldn't be able to hang, but my guy gets the job done. Love him.
Daddy missed the memo:   Dress in formal Fairy attire for 1st bottle feeding.
Nope, we aren't going anywhere special, this is one of many wardrobe changes throughout the day. Remember, its November and we don't get out much.
Oh PicStich and Instagram... what would I do without you. One good thing about Instagram is I can directly upload all the pictures to shutterfly. SCORE. lets hope they look better in albums that the face book pictures do.

So we were stir crazy and the only thing for a 3 year old to do in the winter is dance.  We put her in a ballet class and a tumbling class at Infinity Dance Academy.  She was obsessed instantly. And we now had an exciting new thing to do on Tuesdays. It was a family event, all four of us went even though all 256 parents had one small window on the door to the classroom to peek at their tiny dancer through.  It was the highlight of our week.  And the outfits... oh, legwarmers! It took some convincing and a tiny lie (that her buddy Alex would be sporting the same ones) to get her to rock the legwarmers.. but she did, and I was happy, happy, happy!

Miss Angie is her teacher. Shes super nice and so good with the wee ones.
Daddy cant help himself, he loves his favorite girl.
Henry slept through most of the class.
Um the stamp might be the highlight of the class.

This first class is now complete.
 with a bun.
Swinford park. first outing mid November when it was crazy warm. I was excited because I just purchased my Moby wrap and used it for the first time after studying the "hold" in the car on my IPhone so I could put Mr. H in it while sis played.  It was in the low 60's and windy so I ended up cuddling H with an extra blanket. He was probably sweating snuggled up to my hormonal/sweaty self. Charlee wouldn't leave even though her cheeks were rosy from wind and cold. It was nice to play outside for a bit.

Just a normal day.

Nina found this masterpiece on her full-length mirror in the bathroom after Charlee had asked for some "chap stick"- how can you get mad at that? I'm impressed.
 Another highlight of our weeks would be when our Hoosiers would play. We would get all geared up, and call Manny to see how good her seats were. I was so jealous. Brought me back to my Freshman year at Bloomington when IU was good. We totally got sucked in this year. Loved it.
Cousins!! Purdue vs. Michigan
Go Blue

I love the pic of Hank and uncle Chad taking a nap. Football season at its finest.

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