Jul 2, 2013

Giving Thanks

Our family just cant wait until Thanksgiving to start wearing Christmas PJ's so just to be clear, we are decorating Thanksgiving cookies here in Christmas PJ's. Oh wait, its just me that is already in the Holiday spirit.

 This apparently is the new cool thing to do: Selfies... and duckface. Nice combo Manny.

 Happy Thanksgiving. Hey daddy, thanks for matching the family. I guess Michigan is playing.
 Charlee and her aunties.

 Henry and Great Grandma Crowe. She was so sweet, she tried to hold the little chunk while she ate because she didn't want to put him down. I took him and promised to give him back because I could tell he was starting to break her back.
 This picture is so sweet.
 Thanksgiving at Poppy's house. Cousins meeting Henry.
 Aunt Jen cuddling her little man.
 hmm... this seems to be a reoccurring thing with these two.
 Cousin love.

 Henry and Grierson in their Holiday outfits.
 I had a Book Party and invited girls from work to come play.  We managed to get all the kids on the couch for a photo. They all had a good time playing.

 Whitney came home with Manny from Bloomington to see little Mr. She is my only loyal follower that I know of outside of family. She loves babies and was super excited to me Mr. H. He of course loved her back.

 We love you Whitney, and cant wait to see you again.
 2 Months old.

These are my IPhone/Instagram pictures
 Sleepy smiles for Poppy.

 Darling Danielle came to visit. I remember this day. Greek salads and a bottle of wine. We were having such a great time catching up until we turned on the TV to find the horrific coverage of the Newtown shooting.
 Hoosier Fans

 Such a stinker, he is smirking because this is the second time he has ruined the bath and made us get in the shower.  Eww, breast milk poops are just awesome like that. There is no recovering from even the smallest amount deposited in the bath.
 Still going strong with dance class. She loves it.

Mr. Henry started to smile at us and did give me a tiny giggle in the middle of the night during a diaper change.  I grabbed my phone and recorded it and sent it to some night shift girls at work. Gotta love the 3-4 hr sleeping early on.  So thankful that I got to take a full 12 weeks off with my man. I feel like I should have more stories to go along with pictures, but its kind of a blur thinking back. I'm positive its from lack of sleep and that my brain didn't retain any cute little stories during this sleep deprived time in my life.  I do remember feeling like I could run a marathon the first time he slept for 4 hours. I'm not sure what it is about the number 4, but I remember being over at our friends house and they were asking how I was holding up with no sleep and I can recall telling them how AWESOME I felt when he would give me 4 hours.  Its so true. They laughed and remembered exactly how I felt.  Its worth every second, but after 2 months of 3 hr naps your mind does crazy things and you sometimes forget where you are and what your name is when you wake up to a hungry baby at 3am.  So glad my hubby is so understanding and that I have the best 3 yr old ever.  Love my little bugs.

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