Aug 13, 2013


Charlee got invited to a Christmas Party for Kids at the Mongan house.  Mommy was Christmas shopping with Nina and Keekah and Manny so Daddy had a special Daddy/Daughter day with Miss Buckets. They had lots of fun making ornaments and reindeer food.  I was impressed with Daddy's skills. He can definitely do this more often...

Harper girl was there too.

Reindeer food bar. 
Daddy did so good taking pictures for me. Thanks Gavin, you pulled through. He was the only daddy there with his baby... (brownie points)

Oh and Santa was there... no wait, that's Gaeton.

Henry's 3 Month pictures were taken. I recall that it was abnormally warm this day so we got to take a few outside. Freaky weather I tell you. We had a lot of weird weather/tornado's/floods this season and if we talked about it with Gavin he would just respond with ... Yep, the world is ending. End of conversation.

We think this should have been sent to Ellen:
Henry is clearly scared.

this is the last of his dark hair.

My IPhone/Instagram pictures:

Lucy did some crazy things this year.
Love this hat I ordered from Etsy on sister.

We met Brett, Gabbie, Gaston, and Jenny at Metropolis to see SANTA.
Henry and Charlee are going to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas this year.  Charlee wants lots of toys especially Umizoomi Remote control car. I hope she gets it!!

After the visit with Santa we all went to Teddy's burger joint to watch IU vs. Butler. Im trying to forget how that overtime ended. :(
They had great entertainment. One of the managers said he would flip the mic on if we wanted. Haha... she is pretty shy so...
Manny met us too!
After the game we went to visit Great Grandma Kay in the hospital. She was happy to see us.

This was our Christmas card this year:

This special night Charlee was invited to go look at Christmas lights with hot chocolate.  She was presented with a golden ticket and Uncle Gaston and Aunt Jenny loaded kids up to drive around and look at all the lights.

Breastfeeding in style thanks to my stylist Charlee.

We had a snow day.  It was freezing, but Charlee loved it of course.

Poppy always comes to visit with a surprise. Chocolate chip cookie anyone?

Dr Charlee McStuffins fixed baby right up.
She loves getting her hair cut now.

Kay came to visit Henry and brought gifts, he repaid her with his cuddles. Always a pleasure visiting with Kay. Come back any time.

Hey dad, get me a Michigan Cheer leading outfit and ill cheer for your team this year. Cheer leading outfit = huge hit.

Candy stripes anyone. How cute is he. He loves his Hoosiers.

Forts with Keekah.

Thank you Sky Zone for helping burn off some energy. The kids loved it. Toddler time is a must, once the big kids get in there... Yikes, flying babies.

I love that my Charlee bear needs a photo with her "friends" every time we go into Old Navy.  I play along and we end up with like 20 pics.  She pretty much insists now... even one with Fido. I'm sure I have like 5 different photo sessions that I should put together.  Please tell me we aren't the only crazies out there. 

Happy Monday Everyone... oh wait, its Tuesday. I only got 2 hrs of sleep after working last night so I'm well on my way to making up new words and forgetting how to spell "the". Good luck family, I should be a ball of fun.  Night shift problems. Haha, I need to #hashtag that. I love to make fun of #hashtags... it gives me pure joy. So in honor... #bewarefacebookfriendsyouhavebeenwarned

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