Aug 28, 2013

Santa is here

Santa is here!
The Christmas Tree at Nina's house.
It looks B-E-A-U-tiful even without the twinkle lights on.
 I loved that I got to order matching brother/sister outfits this year. I know I'm such a nerd when it comes to Holiday attire, but I don't care. I would spend just as much at the store trying to coordinate outfits. I loved loved loved her dress. I hope it still fits this fall. Oh I just got excited about fall. Especially since right now outside in August its 55 degrees and feels terrific.

 Christmas Family Photo. This probably took me 2 meltdowns and 4 hours to complete. But we completed it, and looked happy. Score!!

Christmas at Mimi and Papaws house.

 Mimi and Sissy.
 The traditional picture in front of the tree.

 This was the best one if that tells you anything. Haha
 Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Crowes house.

 Santa actually stopped by to make sure Charlee and Henry were being good and going to go to bed so he could come back later that night.  He told Charlee that he would be back to leave her some presents.

Charlee was super quiet and barely answered his questions... She was staring hard at him, like she knew him from somewhere.
Showing him that she made cookies and was going to leave reindeer food in the driveway.

Walking Santa out.

Super excited that the "real" Santa came to visit her.

As usual Christmas at the Crowes is insane!!!
Charlee is one spoiled little lady.
I got morning cuddles with my man. And did I mention I'm still on maternity leave? Oh, it was so wonderful to have the holidays off.  NO working and speeding home to see what Santa brought while the house waits for me, then staying up and pulling 48 hrs. like its no big deal.  I know Gavin,  I'll only get sympathy from my fellow night shifters... Sad times for mommas.
This is his life.

Merry Christmas you handsome boy.
Can we go play in the snow? She didn't care if snow got in between where her gloves and jacket were or if her toes were freezing because her boot may or may not have come off during a movie shoot in the snow. This girl loved it.
Best things ever. Notice Mannys face...

Oh cant forget the IPad. This is his life too.

I think he was on to me snapping pictures of him on his phone/Ipad. Muahahahahaha (Dr. Evil voice)
And to wrap up the Holidays we went to Disney On Ice for the second time. It was perfect. Daddy got us good tickets this year for Minnie, Mickey, Cars, and Tink.  She didn't speak the whole time.
As cute as this picture is, I cant help but remember the parking garage incident. We get to our car that is parked in a lot where you pay at the gate when you leave.  We get down to the gate, the car in front of us gets out and runs into the mini office/stairwell where there is an ATM to pay for your parking with a credit card.  So I get out to pay for ours too because we never have cash... EVER... so I get in to the stairwell and the guy said the machine is out of order.  Um, no way, we need to get out of the garage, is there someone we can call? Well, no there was a paper note that said to call a 1800 # taped to the machine if we needed assistance... we did. We call, no answer. Perfect. I'm hesitant to go back out to the car for fear Gavin is going to loose it.  I hate it when he does this because I instantly want to start laughing at how ridiculous he can get, which he loves, and I spend a lot of time trying to hold back chuckles.  So the man in the car at the gate gets out and they end up finding cash to pay and the arm gate goes up to now leave us blocking the line of cars waiting to get out.  Gavin is panicking and gets out of the car.  At this point several other non-cash carriers are finding out their doom as well.  After several minutes of debate, Gavin tells me to get in the drivers seat and drive the car, So I'm looking at him like "why do I have to drive" and he and another guy are manually lifting up the "arm" gate. I was in shock and I tried to tell them we cant do this... and they both (Gavin and the stranger helping lift) looked at me like lady get in the car and drive. (apparently those arms are really heavy) So against everything in me, I did it and felt horrible.  I instantly wanted him to drive if we were going to be fleeing from the law.  He thought I was ridiculous and said he would gladly pay if someone contacted him. So if your reading this and own that garage where several individuals skipped out because your machine was broken... I'm sorry, we will send you a check.

It felt so wrong.... we just left Disney on Ice!!!!

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