Sep 26, 2011

9-10-11 My Baby is 2

I swore I was going to "keep it together" this birthday.  Not over-do things so that I can actually keep up with all the traditions I have started.  That kinda didn't go as planned... We were originally going to a wedding in Iowa City on her actual birthday, and last minute plans didn't work out.  So I had an outfit for her big birthday picked out and Mommy and Daddy took her to get some new toys and out to eat!! I had a gift all wrapped and ready for her to open when she woke up.  I wanted 2 balloons to tie it all together for her to see when she rolled over in the morning.

OH and a pink boa... she loved it, and it left feathers all over our house... bonus for me.
And... she loved it! She was really excited about the balloons!

Love this picture! She's pretty animated like her daddy.

She slept hard... frazzled hair!!
She reads now too... "once upon a time" "in Punsels castle" "Mommy and Daddy" ya know... exactly what the card said.
It was a baby!!
This is her Birthday outfit!! She is obsessed with looking at "pic-surs" on "I-phone"
She picked out some mermaids to take on the Train at Greenwood mall!! Loved the train ride, and would Choo-Choo every time the conductor pulled the whistle!!
Brunch at BJ's Brewhouse.  Yum Yum
Mac-n-cheese heaven.

happy-face fries... weird, but she ate them all.
we went back home and had people over for the Michigan/Notre Dame football game & Charlees birthday cupcakes.  The cupcakes were so darn good... fresh strawberry cupcakes (homemade) with chocolate icing. Ridiculously good.  The kids partied hard, and then passed out on their mommas.  Harvey was asleep on Angie, Berkeley was asleep on Emily, and Charlee was asleep on her momma... I loved it.  It was a fun filled day! Tomorrow we will celebrate Maddy's 18th birthday.

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