Sep 1, 2011

Sneak Peaks: Someone is turning 2

Time really does fly when your having a blast with your baby, and then you realize in a few days she will be 2. Seriously, what happened, did I soak it all in, am I soaking enough in now, will I be sad every year like this? I truly have loved every single day and stage and temper tantrum she has blessed me with.  I don't ever want this stuff to end.  I don't think I could take enough pictures (Ive tried) or videos... I want more so I can somehow go straight back to each moment and re-live it as many times as I want without a single thing fading. I want to remember the smell and how she stretched and sucked on her passy.  I am sad/happy/proud all at once... trust me its possible, ask Gavin! Haha.
I'm missing this:
In a few weeks we all will be having a yee haw good time....
Notice how her jet black hair is somehow growing in blond...

hmm... woody, you ok?

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