Sep 1, 2011

Play Dates

Morgie & Charlee = Best Friends
We went to Splash Island with Amber and Morgan.  The girls LOVED it.  We were all over that place.  They started in the baby pool to get warmed up, then they headed to the "other baby part" by the lazy river, then to the big part with slides and a huge bucket that dumps water on everyone below... thank the lord we weren't standing under it the first time it happened... Charlee thought she wanted to go down the slide so we went to the small one... She backed out, Amber tried to take both girls down the slide until the life guard was yelling "one at a time" - so stupid.  We would get in trouble at Splash Island.
This picture is the best of the day.  Amber and I couldn't stop laughing when I pulled it up at work for her to look at.  You wouldn't understand how funny this picture is, unless you know how in love Morgan is with her babies.  She is very protective of them, she loves feeding them babas (we know, its a passy) and rocking them.  She was eyeballing me thinking I might want her baby...

Remember the dolphin show at the zoo... this is Charlee's impression of them. 

Gaeton's house.

In the play house with their ring pops.

Lunch time.
At the park.

Juice break.
Hummel has these cute little benches just their size. 

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