Aug 27, 2011

TaYloR SwIFt

Girls Night out to Taylor Swift.  We sisters love Taylor Swift, and I had promised them that we would go see her... so we did.  We had really good seats too thanks to my friend Scott C.  Super close, they were perfect! We were getting ready to leave and Charlee had to put on her cowgirl boots too! I was sad she couldn't go with us, but we did video us singing along to her favorite song.  Tori joined us as 4 tickets are easier to get than 3... and she was willing to spend her evening with us. 
Charlee stayed with Papaw and Nina while mommy and aunties went to reminisce on high school days! Well, I was the one reminiscing anyways!

Charlee even has the "head tilt" down now.
Momma and baby....

um BEST cupcakes ever!

She floated right over us!!

Love this picture.
It was such a good concert, she put on a great show so if you have the chance to see her... go, its worth it. 
Until next time....

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