Aug 14, 2011

July 4th

Obviously I'm a little behind... that week vacation really put me back!! So I'm going to quickly try to catch-up before I get too far behind and have to leave out something really special that I will someday want to see on the blog. I'm sure you think I'm a little nuts for how much I update this... but I don't the time or the space to scrapbook... so this is my effort to do something besides upload masses of photos to my computer and randomly print off a couple hundred to update family pictures throughout the house and give to family.  What you might not know is that this blog is printable to book form.  So maybe someday I'll print them off in 1 year or 5 year increments... who knows... that's still to be discovered.  But mostly,  I wanted to have a linear story of pictures with small stories/memories to go with them for family (mainly Charlee) to enjoy later in life.  oh, and its another "back-up" for my pictures in case my computer blows up. Anyways...

We came back just in time for July 4th!!! Happy Birthday America!!
How cute is the suit? Old Navy online... $5 dolla holla.

Love this... Gavin has to get in a quick game before the festivities... Loser!! I'm probably annoying him because he looks a little mad...
Me: "Gavin, we are ready"
Gavin: "Okay"
Me: "Are you coming" "We are getting in the car"
Gavin: "Yeah"
Me: "Wow, really? You just had to play when you knew we were leaving"
Gavin: "Why do you insist on ruining everything I enjoy" (or something close to that) "I did everything today"

At Lala's for the festivities!!
Family Picture.  This was the best of 20 I think... she was wanting to play instead of take pictures.
Love how Gavin tries to make himself "my height"....
Kissing cousins:

Harvey is out!!

The girls had a coke/lemonade stand!!

Berkeley is ready for some fireworks!!

Cheers! clink clink

Gaeton is catching Charlee...

MiMi and Charlee
LaLa and Charlee... eating cookies.

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