Aug 8, 2011

Grandpa Walts Boat

On our last day we woke up very early to drop Papaw, Nina, Keekah, and Manny off at the airport then drove back to Bradenton to visit with Grandpa Walt and Grandma Pam before we had to catch our flight at 3:15.  We had some breakfast and when Grandma Pam got home from work we headed for the boat.  Charlee was the captain overseeing our voyage:

I apologize in advance, I'm not sure what setting I had my camera on, but some of these pictures are so bright... who knows... sorry!
It was a very nice day for a boat ride... thank the lord that Charlee was okay with her life jacket! Especially after Grandpa Walt took us out into the OCEAN... it made me a little nervous, but he is a seasoned boater and knew exactly where to go to avoid any trouble.
My girl was getting sleepy and the lull of the waves on the hull of the boat put her right to sleep in no time.  She even missed the rare dolphin siting.  Grandma Pam was telling us about the "Red Tide" up in the front of the boat and it was something I had never heard of, but was interested in the rare phenomenon.  As fascinating as it was, I was glad it wasn't going on when we were visiting.
She was dressed for boating:
Grandma Pam had to take over... We were bracing ourselves against the opposite seat when going over waves and I got a little worn out holding my baby, I'm pretty sure Grandma Pam didn't mind.
The Captain and the Skipper:

We stopped for lunch at Mar Vista... I hope this is correct, I never saw a sign so correct me if I'm wrong.  It was the cutest little dock restaurant where you literally docked your boat and walked across the bridge to put your name in.  I'm jealous that Grandpa and Grandma get to do this whenever they want it was such a neat little place to eat lunch under the shade of the trees right on the beach.
Grandma Pam and Charlee got into the water waiting for our table.

Sunglasses that the waitress gave Charlee as a parting gift/toy.

She was awake for the second portion of the boat ride and I'm pretty sure she loved it.
Grandpa Walt was teaching her how to drive the boat among many other things like how you can tell a male from a female crab, and that cows have 4 stomachs... see Grandpa she was listening!!
Lets not get too comfy ... there could be a huge wave about to flood the boat... eyes forward Grandpa!
Grandma Pam was styling in Charlee's glasses. 
I still cant believe they just ride the golf cart down to the dock and hop on their boat and go wherever their hearts desire.  They had big plans for July 4th where they could see some of the best fireworks from the water! Sounds perfect to me.  Charlee loved her Grandparents and still talks about them.  Grandpa Walt - there have been several sightings of your twin up here in Indiana.  Charlee points to random strangers that do kinda look like you and say "Grandpa Walt" so you have made an impact on my girl.  Thank you both for letting us into your home and showing us nothing but kindness.  Your very thoughtful people, and we are blessed to have you.
Love you

P.S. Grandpa Walt you had the timing down perfectly, if we would have left a minute later we would have missed our flight!! I had to stop to get her nummies in a shop on the way to the gate and they were doing the last call over head.  You almost had us another night!! But that would mean more awesome cooking... so we would have been in heaven. See you in September!!

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