Aug 6, 2011

Meeting MICKEY

This was day two at Disney!! We walked over to the Boardwalk to get a boat to Hollywood Studios (MGM) it will forever be known as MGM to me... I cant shake it. 

Manny waiting on the boat!!
Mom, Keekah, Charlee and I went to Disney Junior while Papaw, Manny, and Daddy went on Tower of Terror!! It started raining... but it was okay we were having a blast.
Handy Manny was around for some autographs.

This was who we have been wanting to meet: Mickey the Mouse!! We found him.  And their wasn't a line really.  Charlee was acting all shy and nervous waiting.  Gavin of course had to steal her from me. He is one of THOSE guys who act like they could care less about Disney and doesn't really care what we do all day, but when it came down to who got to take her up to Mickey... HE DID.  I didn't even get a choice, I got to run the camera... oh and there were instructions on how to do that "Start recording before we even get up there and don't stop until we walk away... okay.... I'm serious"
Yeah, I got it!! Duh..
hugs for Mickey...
And a kiss... geez she loves him.
I think she is in shock! *Side note... Notice Gavin's shirt... hmm... not a Disney fan huh?
This was the Playhouse Disney thing... it was good, she loved it.
Oh and this... The voyage of the Little Mermaid has been the most significant ride we went on for Charlee. Since we got home, she is obsessed with Little Mermaid now, and she knows all the words to the songs and does the hand moves to go with them... its pretty hilarious. Move over Dora... Ariel is her new fav.
We did make a discovery on this vacation.  All the parks have a baby center at the front that is amazing.  If your traveling with little ones... this spot is a MUST!! it has private rockers for breastfeeding or rocking to sleep.  Microwaves, bathrooms for babes, a TV with nonstop mickey cartoons, highchairs, lounge chairs, diapering stations... it blew my socks off.  Charlee wanted to sit and eat in the highchair like the other little girl who happened to be in there when we were. 
Don't worry Gavin, I'll say why we had to come here: I ran out of diapers!! Another proud moment for me... like I said earlier... we only packed for one day at Disney!

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