Aug 27, 2011

The Zoo - Random

Visit #2 to the zoo.  This trip was miserably hot. Gavin told me I was nuts for wanting to go when it was supposed to be 100* outside.  So we go anyways... because I wanted to! It was blazing out!
Our first stop was Oceans... Inside in the air conditioning. 

I just liked this picture
This was Charlee's favorite: Sea Lions.  She was pointing and saying "Really Big One" "I Ohno Where Go" "There it is" ... all in her really excited voice. She would have stayed all day and would have been equally excited each time they swam by.
Happy face.
Giving Penguins some glass love.
Dolphin Show:
After the show we went to feed the giraffes and she was tired/hot so she played in the splash pad at the zoo. I didn't know they had this, but great idea!! She cooled right down. Then it was time to go because Gavin was grumpy and Charlee was tired.
Waiting for Daddy to bring the car! She is barely awake eating her sucker.

Special Delivery for Charlee bear. 
look familiar? Its her life jacket from Grandma and Grandpa Walts boat.  They sent it up for her to have.
Apparently the note Grandma Pam sent went something like this: "Once upon a time" "Charlee blah blah blah Mickey, blah blah blah Grandpa Walt, blah blah blah "The End".
Watermelon.... seedless, dark green ones from the farmers market!

I needed a glass after looking at her toy room...
My little baby with one of her favorite princess' Tiana.
Hahaha.... I love this new game!! Dishwasher... BAM.

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