Aug 2, 2011


Well... when we all got up early to get dressed and head an hour to the water park it was pouring rain.  We called to cancel our order for the "Hut" but they said they are open rain or shine and wouldn't give us our money back because we didn't give them 24 hour notice... hello we didn't even make the reservation in 24 hour notice.  This was an awesome way to start out the morning... asking for managers and passing off the phone because we couldn't handle one more person speaking nonsense... "your going to have to talk to them... I'm going to wig out" was said a few times all before 9:00!!
We are all in our bathing suits ready for the rain to clear...checking IPhones every 5-10 min to refresh and update to see if the huge green blob on the screen covering Madeira Beach had moved... No, it was hovering, not budging in any direction. 
Nina and Papaw come in the room with the best idea ever:
After debating it for a while we all packed for 1 day at Disney World because if its going to rain we might as well be in the most magical place on earth!!
We got a room at the fabulous Dolphin Hotel (that is, for the record, part of Disney hotels... that let you into the parks early and stay later than the general public) -there was a bet about it... and I was right! So we got there about noonish and checked in, oh and we decided that we were going to stay wed, and Thurs night instead of just wed... woo hoo!! FYI... we only have enough clothes for 1 night and one day... this is what made everything interesting...
Anyways so here we are so super-freakishly-excited at the Dolphin!

Boats that are awesome to take from the Dolphin to Epcot or Hollywood studios (MGM)....

Nap time after the pool... we just hung out at the hotel after we got there! And we got lightninged-out of the pool!! Monsoon weather is perfect for sleeping... and playing cards.
We went to Downtown Disney after everyone got cleaned up and got my girl some toys and a new outfit for Magic Kingdom.  She went bonkers when we went into the store, there were so many Tianas and Tinkerbell's that she didn't know what to do with herself... she just grabbed everything.  Seriously we had to record it because it was just too much for her.  She was just silently freaking out.

These baby's for the bath are still at the top of the list of favorite toys...
We walked over to Boardwalk for breakfast... heavenly! Then walked through EPCOT to the monorail for Magic Kingdom.  In EPCOT we saw Daisy and she visited with Charlee, its on the IPhone because my camera hadn't adjusted to the heat and humidity yet and was out of commission.  My camera was up and running when we walked into Magic Kingdom and we spotted Snow White to our left right through the entrance.  Charlee was smitten... it was the best feeling seeing how excited she was to see her "baby Snow White" toy turn into a REAL PRINCESS.  She was taken away with the magic of Disney and I'm pretty sure everyone was glowing watching her (even Daddy... who thought she was too little) I truly don't know how to explain how happy she was.  My girl was in love with her. 
After Snow White made the trip worth while... we headed for Main Street.  I wanted to get her reaction on film when she first saw the castle. 
She doesn't see it yet:
Nina points it out:
She puts it together:      (Man...Nina is happy... and Daddy is videoing..)
She is a little overwhelmed at this point.  And she has her "1st Visit" button on.

We are watching a show at the castle... Charlee loved it!
Wow... we are HUGE Disney fans.

Our 1st ride:

We all played the Hidden Mickey game and these purple "flowers" were the hidden Mickeys on "Its a Small World"

Scariest ride ever: Don't take your kids on it! Seriously, she was like what the H*LL mom... small world to this dark scary scream fest. Bad move on my part.

Carousel ride ..... 4/5 times.
It still rained every day so we had to purchase ponchos!!

This was Nina's idea because Charlee loves to climb on everything.  And she loved it.

View of the castle from the tree house.

Daddy was having some major issues....
This was on the Choo-choo train ride to the front of the park.

Got our prime spot for the parade on main street.

Bubbles were her entertainment for about a solid hour.  She was being so good.

Main Street before the parade.
Tinkerbell spin toy!!

Getting sleepy.
Carmel apple time.

The parade.  All the princess would spot her on the side (probably because Gavin would hold her up like she was an offering, simba style) and they would wave and blow her kisses... she was so happy! She didn't stop talking about it for a while.  And a month later she still asks to go to "Cinnarella Casol"

Gavin had to hold her because it was both of their first times watching the parade.  We stayed for an awesome movie and music display on the castle that was awesome and new for me.. and the fireworks are amazing here.  She was asleep on the bus back to the hotel.

P.S. It was my fault that we took the "long way" home because I thought that we could skip the traffic from everyone leaving the park and go a different way... I was kinda right, but we should have gotten off at the ticket and transportation cnt for a bus to the Dolphin.  Anyways if I wouldn't have made the wrong decision we wouldn't have seen one of the funniest things of the whole trip. 
We were on the bus and I wont even come close to explaining what happened in a way that justifies how funny it was but a mom got on the bus and she couldn't even walk up the steps to get on the bus because she was carrying her child.... her 9 or 10 year old child that easily weighed as much as a small adult.  She then tried to sit next to Greg and the "child" was straddling her so his adult size legs were taking up half of Greg's seat now... But the best part was when she turned so we could see the child's face... he was awake!! I was in shock for a min and the fact that Greg was now trying to sit in half of his seat was just too funny, and there were other places on the bus to sit mind you...
So I'm holding Charlee who is asleep sitting next to mom who is sitting next to Kenz and we are all facing the center of the bus looking straight at Greg and the mom with the man-child on her lap.  We cant keep it together we are laughing so hard and I think she kinda knew so she said "we aren't used to being up this late" to us.  Gavin and Maddy were next to Kenz but facing the front and were in their own little world so they didn't know what we were laughing at and kept yelling..."what is so funny" which made it even funnier... and so we are all crying laughing at this point because we are delirious. One of the highlights of the vacation.

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