Aug 22, 2011

Happy Summer

We were watching Tangled for the 4567 time!! Its a good one!! Charlee calls it "Punzel" and she is starting to know all the words to her favorite parts! The horse "Maximus" is actually Bullseye... in case you guys were confused.
Harvey was over to play with us while Dave played Basketball with Gavin.  He is so easy going... Charlee is okay with me holding him now, she used to pitch a royal "you know what" until I put him down.  But now they are best friends.

We had some baby stuff out for Harvey and Charlee was wanting to use it...
At Lala's house...
The Delk family.
Side note:  This makes me want to die laughing.  I have been snapping random pictures of Gavin doing work, because I want to get it on record to show him that I know he knows how... Its so funny because he will look over so confused and ask "Did you just take a picture?" and Ill act like I was facing another direction... its pretty much my new fav game. - until he reads this... dang.

This is pretty much what she does at Lala's... eats.
What a stud.

 KayBells... and Nasty.
Charlee's braid.
Manny and Drew
Aww... someone took a picture of me so I can be a part of the family.
We went to play with Meghan at the pool where she was Nannying! Charlee met Ava and Anderson and they played in the awesome baby pool that was like 2 ft and perfect for toddlers!! Thanks Meghan for the play-date!! Megs got Charlee some bubbles too!!!

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