Dec 19, 2011

Decorating the Tree/ Crowes Thanksgiving

So as you may or may not know... I'm kind of a freak when it comes to Christmas.  Last year Gavin surprised me with an early house decorating party the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Tree, lights, jamies... Everything.  It was awesome and I love him for just embracing my freak-flag.
This year it was two weekends before Thanksgiving.  It just happened that I had a stretch of days off from work and I would end up having to work the weekend before Thanksgiving so basically... we were forced into it. Yes that sounds right. And Gavin was super excited for Charlee to see the decorations and lights this year.
She was such a cute little helper. I'm not sure when she started posing, but I love it.

Don't be fooled by her sweet face... she was very rough with those special ornaments.  We ended up going to Target to get her some of her own ornaments (unbreakable) that she could place at the bottom of the tree where she could reach them. I didn't even get out the bulbs this year for fear of a reenactment of last year when she thought it would be great to smash them together.  She was a big help decorating the house though.  She thought everything I pulled out was the best piece of decoration ever. She thinks I'm pretty cool for having a secret stash of fun things to play with... like the advent calendars, pine cones, jingle bells, Santa hats, a scary Santa that dances when you push his hand... that sort of thing.

The best part was putting lights on her tent in her toy room.  She thought blue would look best, and she loves her special little tent that is all ready for Christmas now, complete with the Grinch and Elf DVD's. Did I mention I love this time of year?

We had another Mom & Me and this one was at Brandy's House. We all brought something we were "thankful for" as a dish.  It was yummie.
Skylar and Charlee are listening to Angela read them a book.
All the littles scrunched on the couch. Sawyer, Skylar (sisters) Charlee, Kaleb who is holding Denali and Carter.  Love this picture.

Turkey Day at Grandma Crowes
I'm kinda obsessed with this highchair.  Its so vintage!! Charlee kinda liked it too.  She was a bit big for it, but it worked.
Kathy took this picture believe it or not... she is getting better!! Thanks mom.
Charlee loves stairs at Great Grandma Crowes house.  There are 2 sets of them. There is a section at the top of one set that has the banister wrapped around it and the ceiling is super low that it kinda resembles a cage (cozy nookish) and she yells down that she is trapped until one of us come to rescue her. Then we must slide down the stairs on our bottoms as fast as possible. See below...
Isn't this a great picture.
These girls are crazy.
She is trying to pose again...
With Nina and Papaw.

And as usual she gives the best smile when she is with daddy... Whatever Gavin.
ha ha... Nina is sliding down the stairs.

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