Dec 19, 2011

Trick -OR- Treat

Happy Halloween
My sweet little Minnie Mouse.

Her Makeup was so clean and neat when we first got in the car.  She then smeared it... I didn't even think about the smear-factor.  I should have done more research.

Oh how I want to squeeze her.

We started the evening at MiMi and Papaws house. She walked up like a big girl and ran the door bell and said "Trick or Treat" like a pro. Daddy video taped it.

MiMi and papaw had a present for her to open. They spoil her (and Gaeton) like that. They get gifts on every Holiday!!

A Motorcycle-dude showed up.

She loves her Uncle Gaston.

At Lala's house.
And of course Lala has full meals she gives out.

Spinning is a new favorite thing. 
I picked her up earlier that day from Lala's house and when I walked in Lala and Charlee were wearing matching Super-girl costumes. I didn't think I was going to get her out of that super-girl costume and when Gavin got home he had to fly her around the living room over his head to the Superman theme song... okay- Gavin totally added that himself, I do have an awesome video of this on my phone.  The Best part is Gavin bend over sucking wind because he did a few suicides with Charlee over his head.  But she did decide she wanted to be Minnie Mouse (maybe because the spin was a little bigger with the Minnie dress.  She still will ask for a cape (my tank-top around her neck) and run through the house singing "Du-Du-Du    Dudunt Du Dunt Du" (think superman)

On to Poppy's House and Grandpa Dons...

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