Dec 21, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween cont...

We made it to Poppy's house and Gavin was filming this doorbell ring too.  She just marched right in to Poppy's after the Trick or Treat bit was over and decided she would do the picking of the treats and how many she wanted.
Hugs for Poppy

Ha.. we have a picture of Gavin holding Charlee with this huge black cat on her first Halloween when she was almost 2 months old.  Charlee wouldn't pose with daddy again, the cat was too big for her liking... and it moved so she wasn't going near it. I got a picture anyways.  Funny thing - I think Gavin has the same jacket and hat in both pics. 
This shot was as close as it was going to get...
Obsessed with the street and walking in it! Don't worry we were supposed to be "crossing the street" but she stayed in the street as long as possible.
Great Grandpa Dons house.  Charlee is a professional at this point in the night.

We met Nina and the gang at our house to go around our neighborhood.  Gavin had made fun of me for dressing up and lo and behold... my family was dressed up too!! I love it!!! Ha... Gavin, your the party pooper.
Nina was the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz and Charlee couldn't stop staring at her.  It was intense stares followed by a "Nina???, you a witch?????" (with a scowl)
Nina also taught her "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too...."
Then a few days later... We watched The Wizard of Oz on TV (Just happened to be on) and when the Wicked Witch came on... Charlee flung her head around and said "Nina??????" - Pretty funny stuff I tell ya! I sent Nina a picture on my cell phone of Charlee looking at me with the "Green Witch" in the background on the TV. 
The Group:
Walking to the door like a big girl.
Pleased with your pumpkin filling up with "Choc-o-late"

Greg thought he would do some tricks on some innocent boys who were trick or treating alone.  Poor boys, they were scared.

I love this picture:
Happy Halloween

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