Jan 5, 2012

Candy Making

Charlee was going with her daddy and MiMi and Papaw to a family Christmas party while I went to work a few weekends before Christmas.  I heard she had a great time when I called to check on them.  And I'm in LOVE with the shoes... thanks Nina. She looks so big in this picture I can hardly stand it.

We go to the Kost's for candy making every year before Christmas and this year was a rough one.  Mo Mo Kay hasn't been feeling her best lately and a recent infection took a toll on her mentally and physically so she needed the extra love and attention this year to "get her in the spirit".
Mackenzie and Momma went over to get her all dolled-up for the event and she looked the best she has looked in a long time. She acted like she was enjoying the day but I'm sure she was just enjoying the little ones being there.

Oh... the girls are playing with a New set of Princess barbies that Charlee discovered in Nina's room the night before.  Nina let her open them couldn't tell her no, so the girls had some new toys to play with while everyone else was hanging out making some candy.

TROUBLE..... You can see it in their little faces!

Why are the stairs so amazing to toddlers?  I don't get it.....up and down, up and down, we finally had to put the stairs to bed!

We distracted them with a singing Santa hat.

Grandpa Jack, Mo Mo Kay and their babies! Jackie, Janet, Karol, Karen, Kathy
Group shot.
When the masses left Charlee passed out from all the stair climbing and dancing (obvious from the above picture) and Mo Mo Kay snuggled up with her while she napped.  This never happens anymore (naps), so when she's out... its usually because she had a long fun filled day.  She in return was up for a while before she went to bed that night... I remember, because we were on the wrong track for Christmas Eve festivities...

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