Jan 9, 2012

Santa's Here

I have to admit, I'm in love with Charlee's faces she makes when Santa is near.  She gets super quiet and focused on whats about to go down.  She doesn't talk, and moves real slow, and I always think at any moment she is going to start crying terrifying tears... but she did good and if the lady at Santa's Workshop would have been paying attention instead of answering questions from people in line, or checking out the previous visitor she would have gotten a good smile.  I asked Charlee to smile her big girl smile and we would be all done... and she smiled perfectly... and Santa's helper wasn't paying attention... so annoying.  We even waited until she got the previous person all taken care of so she could get her finger ready to pull the trigger... and she blew it... several times.  I wasn't impressed with her. And why in the world would you only have ONE lady taking care of questions, snapping pictures, checking people out, and printing pictures... ??? Really, its Christmas & Santa... get it together.
And the kicker... cheapest package $15.00... One 5X7 - Merry Christmas!!
I think she was telling him about her Elf Lucy. Gavin went all out when he was "warming" her up to him. Good thing it was up to him, last year it was up to me and she cried for the picture. Looks like daddy is in charge of Santa's pictures from now on.

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