Jan 25, 2012

Happy New "Ear"

Our New Year Plans:
Hang out at Nina's with yummy food and watch the Hoosiers!! Oh, and I might let Mackenzie trim my bangs (fringe... the proper term) that are in desperate need of some love.  That turned into just getting some "straight across" fringe.  Its a new year... watch out.
Charlee was holding the mirror for me.... thanks sweets! She likes to look at herself a little too. She totally got that from her dad!!
This 'hair cut' was supposed to take place during half time...

What felt like an hour later...
see, Madison even got board waiting for Mackenzie to perfectly cut each hair.
I'm just kidding Mackenzie, I love the quality work.

not completely done, but done for now because I needed to see the end of the game. :)

Happy New Ear ... is what Charlee would say.

Rock star.... trying to make it to 2012!!
our one and only crapptastic family picture.  This is really horrible!! OMG this is the worst picture EVER, and I cant stop laughing for many different reasons.... I kinda love it now.
two beauties
And... we didn't make it.
Happy New Year!

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