Feb 7, 2012

Playin' in January

Brandy and I took our littles to visit Amber and Morgan.  We got all the girls together for a play date that was much needed after the holidays.  It was very fun, the girls got along for the most part and snacked and played like it was their JOB.
Morgan is showing Denali her "violet bear"
Hi big girl Denali bug.

We had lost our Little Miss Muffins for about 3 days. Gavin searched high and low and then it was my turn and there are not many occasions that I look for something and don't find it.  I mean Ariel's lost blue slipper... oh yeah it was in the play microwave.. boom, A paci at 3 am for my girl.. I stashed one in the silverware drawer, Gavin's wallet for the 17th time this month... on the counter.  (he, and most males I'm assuming, is the WORST at finding something.  I wont even say finding is the correct term.. more like locating.
Me: Can you go get her shoes in the closet.
Gav: I cant find them.
Me: They are in her closet
Gav: Still... you know how I look for things...
Me: never mind

I'm starting to think its all an act so he doesn't have to do anything.  If he causes me to flip out because I cant wrap my brain around how he can pick up the house and not remember where he put his own wallet, or he cant find her favorite Tiana but he knows every detail to every basketball game he has ever played.  It ends up in his favor... i get annoyed and don't ask him to look or find anything. He wins.
I'm not letting him off that easy.
Anyways these little Miss Muffins were gone, we even called all the Grandparents house looking for them.  We lost Plum, and Pumpkin...
And a few days later I was REALLY cleaning the play room, not fake cleaning where you just put all the crap in a bin and shove stuff into drawers.  I was putting the doll house pieces back in the doll house and SURPRISE... Charlee must have shoved them in the house and closed the doors.  I yelled for her to come see what I found.  She was so happy she had her babies back...

Hummel Park in January!! Sweet. We got bundled before work one weekend and went to play, she loved it and as always didn't want to leave.

YES... Gymnastics is back!! We got her back in it. And it didn't take long before she was right back in the swing of things.
They have a new room this year "the Nemo room" It had everything but the "PIT" which I think Gavin was most disappointed with.  But they get to go out to the Big Pit at the end of class.

The teacher told us we can finish out the 5 week session and then move her up to the 2-3 year-olds because she is ready to move up.  This makes me nervous, she will be out there all by herself and mommy and daddy will have to watch from the waiting room.  I'm sure she will be fine, but I'm not going to be.

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