Feb 11, 2012

Gymnastics is back!

Gymnastics is back! She LOVES going.  She can follow all the instructions, she could do all the stations if she wanted, but that's the thing... she is stubborn now and doesn't want to do her forward roll or hand stand where you walk your feet up the wall.  Its kinda funny because we are still out there with her and she will just tell us NO, not right now.  Then we will tell her she wont get to go to the PIT or get her stamps if she doesn't try it once, and then she will try it once and that's it.  She is a stinker. I hope it goes well when we move her up.

She gets so excited to go to gymnastics she would do just about anything in order to go to her "den-ass-tics" class.  She is pretty coordinated too, I'm kinda impressed. But I, for one, keep it to myself when we are at class.  Good lord every mother in the class has to tell everyone their life story and why their child is doing what they are doing.  Its kinda awesome to talk about after class! We might miss that when we move her up. Bummer- I wont get to hear how the mom of the 18 mo old has no idea why her son wont do anything in class because he does all this stuff at home.  Or that she cant get in the PIT because she has no cartilage left in either knee, had all kinds of surgeries, noting helped. I secretly love it.  I love watching parents parent their children too.  I love when the dad brings a little one solo... poor kid gets tossed around like a sac of potatoes. We pretty much people watch in class... its quite fun. 
Gavin is surprisingly very good with Charlee, he will demonstrate the forward roll and handstand so she knows how to do it (I love watching him demonstrate on the kid equipment).  He can always talk her into trying stuff.  He has more patience than I do sometimes, and he never gets stressed out if she is being naughty which I am SO guilty of.  Hes pretty awesome like that.

love my little gymnast.

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