Feb 20, 2012

Disney On Ice "Dare To Dream"

Wow... I'm falling behind with blogs....

We went to Disney On Ice. Jan 23rd- She loved it, It was perfect because she watches Princess and the Frog and Tangled weekly.  She knows all the songs and can even bust out some moves to go along with the songs just like they do in the movie.  Its quite awesome! We didn't want to wear our huge puffy slightly itchy dress, so we chose the one that is more like a night gown, but it was good because it wasn't all fluffy-bunchy when we were eating or got in her way while she was up and down in her seat.   Tiana was good, Cinderella was good- Charlee just hasn't seen Cinderella that many times so it didn't keep her interest as much as Tiana. Then there was a small break and we got some Dip-N-Dots that were so good... I tried to talk her into Banana Split - but she wanted rainbow that I'm sure was gross, but she loved it. Don't worry I got banana split for Daddy and I! I want some right now... dang it.  And the fun part was she wanted me to hold her in her slippery dress and hold 2 heaping bowls of dip-n-dots and go up stairs.... I was exhausted from that 15 min intermission.  Then Cinderella had to wrap up and then it was time for "Punzel" - it was my favorite! They did an awesome Circ de soleil-ish act with Punzels hair and they were swinging all over the place... it was the best part... well no, the lantern part was so cute too.  Then at the end all the Princess' came out in their Wedding attire... Charlee loved this part because she named every princess that came out.  It was so cute. I was getting teared up every time she would get so excited.  The whole show was maybe 25 minutes too long for her, but we made it! I would do it again. 

She wanted to take her Punzel doll... how cute.
She got a Tiana spin/light up toy... that literally lasted that night only! No joke.
And a Punzel necklace!!

She let me straighten her hair like Punzels

Oh she loved Mickey and Minnie when they came out in between each set too.

We met Brett and Gabbie at Outback after and it was Yummie Yummie, then we went to our house to let the girls play!! Very fun night.

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